Lists about Time

The concept of time is one that is not easily understood. It can be seen as the most valuable resource, but it can also seem to vanish before our eyes. The passage of time can make us feel old or young depending on where we are in our life. Here are some useful lists about time.

Time Lists

What is time?

Time is the most common noun in the English language, but no one is quite sure what it is. For centuries, philosophers have been debating the nature of time. However, no one can agree on a definition of time. Some say it is a dimension with past, present, and future while others say it is a meaningless concept that only exists in our minds.

The concept of time eludes everyone. It is one of the most puzzling things to understand, yet we all know that it exists. However, scientists can not prove that time does not exist. This is an argument that will be lost on your boss if you are late for work.

How we use time

We use time to break up the day into hours, minutes, and seconds. In doing so, we are able to keep track of our lives. Having a rough idea of time helps us know what to do at any given moment and how much time we have left.

Days are used to schedule work and vacations. Hours are used to schedule meetings and activities for the day. Years determine if we are too old or young to work, when we go to school and when we become independent from our parents.

Time as we know it is an abstract concept that can be interpreted differently by people in different cultures. There is no real, universal time. The time that we perceive and measure is based on a clock and regulated by a sense of what’s “natural” and what’s not.