Planets, Spacecraft & Space Lists

This page contains some lists of subjects about outer space such as moons, planets, and spaceships. Lists about space are very interesting. I love lists because there is something about them that always leaves me wanting more. They’re easy to read, and they’re often filled with interesting facts that I never knew before.

The final frontier is an expression that was first used to describe outer space. Humans have always had a curiosity about the unknown and space satisfies this curiosity. Space exploration has allowed humans to learn more about our world and beyond.

The advancement and rapid development of space exploration and space travel have been a driving force for many scientists and engineers. Since the first human-made satellite was launched in 1957, humans have been exploring the extremities of this earth as well as other planets outside our solar system.

Science fiction shows have sparked a great interest in space exploration. The most popular of these shows are Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Stargate. This newfound interest has led to an increase in government funding for space exploration. Sci-fi shows have been a source of inspiration for real inventions. Many sci-fi writers have envisioned inventions that have shaped what we use today. Inventions such as the cell phone, tablets, robotic arms, and self-driving cars were all predicted by sci-fi writers.

Is it possible someday we will travel by warp speed to galaxies far away?

Robots on Mars are exploring the red planet, making new discoveries about its geology, weather, and atmosphere. They are even identifying new areas for potential colonization. Robots have greatly improved space exploration because we can go places humans cannot.

The private space industry is just getting started. Major companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin are exploring the possibilities that exist in this new domain. These private enterprises have been able to provide more affordable, efficient, and reliable services than existing government-run operations. They have also been able to offer a wider variety of services than what has traditionally been available.

Enjoy these handy space lists.