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Spirituality is a term that is often misunderstood. It is not a religious belief; it is not about being spiritual, nor does spirituality involve the idea of being “good.” In fact, one can be practicing spirituality without being religious at all. What it does involve, however, is recognizing a feeling or sense or belief that there’s something greater than myself and that there’s something more to being human than just daily life.

New age spiritual awareness is very much a personal journey. It is about finding your own spiritual path and understanding your own spirituality. It is about connecting with the divine and being in tune with the universe.

There are always new ideas and it is good to stay curious and not limit yourself to one thing. Keep an open mind and always keep learning.

New Age studies explore mysticism, spirituality, and various other ways of knowing. It is ingrained in the center of practices to experience a higher level of consciousness or understanding.

New Age is a broad term to describe ways of thinking about human spirituality and the natural world. New Age is also broadly understood as an alternative medicine movement. It has very many branches including astrology, holistic health, tarot reading, psychic reading, yoga, and more.