People & Pets Name Lists

Here are some links to helpful lists about names. Lists about names can be very helpful and serve a variety of purposes. They are great for creative inspiration, research, and even as a summarizer. A list of names can be fun to browse through or provide insight on who your friends are or family members.

What is in a name? Quite a bit! The names one chooses to call themselves, their children, their pets, and the places they live all have meaning. They can reflect our cultural background, our personality traits, or they can be chosen for more practical reasons like avoiding confusion.

Names are very powerful. They carry significance and provide context to the world. When creating a name for something, it’s important to either research the meaning of others’ words or uses common names that already have a well-known meaning.

Many people in show business have changed their name for artistic purposes, from Madonna to Prince. Common reasons for name changes include simplicity, better connotation, or avoiding being confused with another artist. One of the most famous examples of a name change is Bruce Willis who was born Walter Willis.