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This page contains links to lists about movies, music, and lots of different forms of entertainment. Lists can be a great way to make sense of the vast amount of entertainment options available today. From popular TV shows to your favorite ways to spend your time this list can help you decide what to watch and read.

People sometimes need to take a break from their everyday life. Whether this is a vacation, an extended weekend or simply stepping away from social media for a day, it’s important to have the self-care practices in place before taking that break.

Entertainment can be a form of stress relief for many people. People often turn to their favorite hobbies when they are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Sports and games can help relieve stress by providing physical activity and mental stimulation. Reading is also an enjoyable activity that helps people relax while also gaining knowledge and insight into the world around them.

Entertainment has been around for as long as humans have. In ancient Greece, the first theater was built at Epidaurus and had a seating capacity of 14,000 people. The Romans also loved entertainment and had their own theaters with performances such as Petronius’s Satyricon which depicted an extravagant feast of traditional Roman cuisine.

Entertainment during the middle ages consisted of various forms of visual art, music, and theatre. One of the most popular forms of entertainment was juggling. Jugglers would often perform for crowds in large cities or even act as traveling performers to entertain nobles.

While music and theater have been with us a long time, and songs and plays could be written down, it is only in modern times