Books, Plays & Poetry Lists

Here are some handy literature lists about books, poetry plays. Whether you are looking for an easy read, a poetic masterpiece, or a gripping play, these lists have got you covered.

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “I can not live without books!”. If you are like me, then you will feel quite the same.

No matter if you get your books in paperback, hardback, or in digital form. These booklists can lead you to find something interesting to read. If you are a teacher you can also put together a reading list for your students.

There is something about the search for knowledge that bridges both books and lists. Lists are so easy to skim, so flat, so perfect for our ever-shrinking attention spans. Lists are also an exploration into new territory, a way of making sense of what we know and what we don’t know. They’re a record of curiosity, an index of discovery.

Books on the other hand lead to a detailed adventure of storytelling or imparting useful comprehensive information. They are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get lost in an engaging story or who needs to gather comprehensive knowledge about any subject.